3 Excellent Reasons to Install Awnings

Awnings have been around since ancient times, serving as a secondary covering that you can fix to your home’s exterior wall. They consist of a lightweight frame structure over which you can attach a cover, usually of aluminum or fabric. You’ll commonly find these additions above doors or windows, but they can also run the length of your patio or deck.


MiamiSomers, your provider of various wall mount27Home Improvement products such as quality awnings, pergolas, and canopies in Somers Point, NJ shares three great reasons to install these excellent additions to your home.

1. Provides Superior Weather Protection — The awning’s primary function is to shade your doors and windows from harsh weather. Since awnings cut off direct sunlight, they reduce the amount of heat and glare that enters your home. This protects your flooring, furniture, and walls from sun damage. Awnings also offer effective protection against rain and snow, resulting in doors and windows that are free from moisture and water damage.

The excellent protection provided by awnings isn’t limited to fabric awnings. MiamiSomers, also installs durable aluminum awnings in Linwood, NJ and surrounding areas, that can cover your patio or deck.  With these additions giving protective shade, you can fully enjoy the outdoors without worrying about excessive sunlight or rainfall. You can also install our awnings over walkways so you’ll have a safe, dry path to your home in any weather.

2. Offers Increased Energy Savings — Installing awnings also helps reduce your energy costs. By shading your doors and windows, you get to minimize radiant heat entering your home. You can benefit from cooler and more comfortable interiors while saving considerably on cooling energy.

3. Enhances Your Home’s Look — Awnings can also serve as appealing curb décor. Visit our Showroom to see our wide selection of fabrics, styles, and brands. If you choose MiamiSomers, you will have an Awning Specialist to help you select the best choice for your home.  Once ordered, we provide expert installation by our own employees–Fully Insured and Trained by our Manufacturers like Aristocrat, Eclipse, and others.   Stop by today.

When you’re ready to experience the many rewards of installing awnings, turn to MiamiSomers. We’ll help you keep a lovelier and more comfortable home with our high-end products and professional team. You can also count on us for other Home Improvements such as Windows, Doors, Shutters, Sunrooms, Retractable Screens installed locally in South Jersey; Somers Point, Ocean City, Longport, Sea Isle City, Margate and other local cities near you.  We help you match the products to your home’s Exterior Features, furniture colors, and more.

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