Hurricane Shutters for Cape May NJ Area Homes


Protect your home from the next big storm with durable, high-quality hurricane shutters from MiamiSomers, your leading local awning, and hurricane shutter contractor. We’ve worked on coastal New Jersey area homes for more than 60 years and have seen storm after storm hit our neighborhoods. That is why we offer top of the line hurricane shutters to homeowners in our area. Our own homes have been affected by storm damage; we understand the strain of rebuilding or remodeling. With hurricane shutters, your home will be protected.


Create a Weather-Tight Barrier Around Your Home

Hurricane Sandy is still fresh in our minds. Many homes were devastated by high winds, rising tides, and flying debris. These are all elements that can do serious damage to the structure of your home. And when a window is broken in a hurricane, it leaves the home wide open to penetrating water, which can do tens of thousands of dollars in damage. By installing hurricane shutters you can protect your home with a sturdy, durable outer shell. Hurricane shutters are designed to block your windows from the elements.

Here at MiamiSomers, we offer three distinct styles of hurricane shutters. Click on any of the links below to learn more about each individual style:

Don’t be caught unprepared when the next storm hits. Take a preemptive stance and make sure that your home will be ready. Call MiamiSomers today to schedule your in-home consultation on hurricane shutters with our local experts. Homeowners have turned to us for hurricane Bahama shutters, Specialty Shutters, and Rolling Shutters from Avalon to Cape May since 1960.

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